Lyndon Lodge
Miniature Cattle
Welcome to our website. We established our stud in 1998, with
embryos imported from the USA. We implanted these embryos
into Poll Hereford cows and our first two purebred calves,
Thomas and Jessica, were born in August 1998.

We have both grown up with Herefords so it was a logical step
to breed Miniature Herefords on our farm near Toowoomba in
Queensland. Herefords are known for their hardiness, quiet
temperament and for holding their condition when times get
tough. In all the years we have been breeding Miniature
Herefords, through several severe droughts and bitterly cold
winters, our cattle have always maintained excellent condition
with minimal supplementary feeding.

We have both miniatures and larger cattle on our farm. Over the
years we have had a mixture of purebred Miniature Herefords,
Poll Hereford cows and first cross Miniature Herefords. These
are cattle that have been bred using a Poll Hereford cow and a
purebred Miniature Hereford bull. The reason we cross these
two breeds is to produce small cattle with no horns. Often
hobby farmers do not want horned cattle as they can
accidentally injure both humans and other livestock with their

We love our cattle and put a lot of time and effort into seeing
that they are happy, healthy and friendly. We handle our calves
from birth so that they are quiet and easy to care for. We
endeavour to sell our cattle to people who will care for them as
we have and are happy to give any ongoing advice to our
customers that they may need. All our cattle are sold with an
NLIS ear tag, a vendor declaration and a tax invoice for proof
of purchase.

As we have been breeding miniatures for several years, we have
a network of contacts in the miniature cattle world. So if your
circumstances change and you need to sell one of your
miniature cattle, we can often help you to re-home them.
Phone 0746 916222
History of Our Stud